Grace Constantly Recurring – Tony & Annalee

Love writing or teaching? You’ll love this piece, compliments of poet Bill Griffin.


green vertebrae cradling all the wood-bone of your years

Poetry exalts. Yes, that’s right, it transports you up and out of dreary into ethereal. No it doesn’t. That’s all wrong. Poetry grounds you. It brings you right on down to where you can plunge fingers and toes into clay, grow roots. How else could you ever expect to leave? Still wrong. Think again. Poetry doesn’t change you at all. It catches you in the moment, this moment, right now, and shows you the you you really are.

So who’s right? How about this: Poetry = Salt. Here’s what the cookbook says – “salt makes food taste more like itself.” Poetry? Makes life taste more like itself. I’m sitting here eating a bowl of lentils. Onion, tomato, even the bay leaf can’t rescue it from bland. A fine sprinkle of poetry: an angel named Gracie; my sapped body a river that…

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About Beth Ann Cagle

Embracing life creatively! Poet-Author-Editor-Photographer-Educator Author of full-length poetry book First Comes Love (2015, The Main Street Rag Publishing Co.), and award-winning poetry chapbook The Fearless Tattoo (Shadow Publishng Co.) Former/Founding Editor of Kakalak, Anthology/Journey of Carolina Poetry & Art, and Senior Editor of moonShine review prose and photography journal; Former Adjunct Faculty at Cleveland Community College, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, and Cape Fear Community College
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